For those of you who know my situation, it’s been a rough ten months. I havn’t had a permanent home, I’ve been jerked around ridiculously from place to place, and been relying on other people to house and feed me.

I’ve finally made it back to my home city, and while I have a job back at my old place I wont get a paycheque for another couple of weeks, seeing as I start work tomorrow. 

I have a roof over my head, and a well paying job. So while things are more stable then they have been for the last year I have a small problem.

I can’t afford food. And while I will admit, I may not have been the most upright person, the only way I’ve been able to feed myself is by stealing from large grocery stores. It’s not something I’m proud of, but it’s something I had to do.

Tomorrow, like I said, I’m starting my new job. I work a manual labor kind of thing. We pick garbage and clean rooftop shingles to be recycled into pavements for local roads in my city. It’s hard work, and I’m on my feet eight or more hours a day. It’s a good paying job, and I’m more then grateful to finally have work again, but the shitty part is I don’t have anything to eat.

If you’ve ever worked a hard on the boy job, you’ll know how brutal it is to be hungry and be on your feet for hours on end. 

I’d really appreciate it if anyone could throw me even a couple of dollars so I can save up to buy giftcards from wal mart so I can afford something to eat and get me through these next couple weeks until I have a steady paycheque. Anything helps, and I’d be more then grateful.

my paypal is

and if you have any questions, or suggestions, my ask box is always open.
thank you so much in advance.

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putting this here and not on twitter bc i dont feel like separating my bitching into like 10 tweets but

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I’m good at constantly doing the same selfie pose 👽✨✨

I’m good at constantly doing the same selfie pose 👽✨✨


Happy Birthday, Achievement Hunter!

This is an announcement. It is v important ok. V important.

Ok here it is. Tumblr user Novie Simmonsized is the fucking cutest.

And I love her so much.  Thats my announcement I told u it was important.

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Did I actually headcanon Felix as a smirky Asian guy or was I influenced by tumblr?


Did I actually headcanon Felix as a smirky Asian guy or was I influenced by tumblr?


*shows up at ur door 10 years after we had an argument* aND ANOTHER THING

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What Locus said: If you had kept your ego under control they’d be dead by now.
What Locus meant: If you would stop overcompensating for your genitals we could have had intercourse by now.
What Felix said: Okay, now we don’t have the facts to prove that, alright? So let’s not, you know start throwing the blame around or anything.
What Felix meant: Okay, it’s still enough to make you come in ten minutes, alright? So let me complain now, or later on you won’t be getting anything.

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think about how im gonna write about bitters. just consider it for one moment. then forget

why must u hurt me so

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freelancerarizona whispered: Definitely Bitters for me. I didn't even notice the other three until I was looking at gifs after the podcast. I saw Bitters clench his fist, kick the ground, and storm off and actually said out loud "ohmygod. no."

same tho just
ugh it hurt so much he just had to fuckin leave im so upset
because despite his bitching he truly believed they’d be back, he wanted to believe it so bad

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freelancerarizona whispered: You're welcome. Everything hurts. I want to give Bitters a hug.

i think bitters’ reaction hurt me the most tbh

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You could say that he’s rather Bitter about Grif being dead.


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when u otp stands next to each other